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Biking in Amsterdam?
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Biking tour Amsterdam Windmill

Afternoon Bike Ride

Crucial Amsterdam bike tour

Duration: 2 hours
Departure: 2 pm 
Bike Level: Beginner
Price: from €38

For the 2-hour bike tour we expect you to have some experience with cycling in traffic. Bill, of course, takes care of your safety.

Morning Bike Ride

Ultimate Amsterdam bike tour

Duration: 3 hours
Departure: 10 am 
Bike Level: Intermediate
Price: from €48

During the 3-hour bike ride we encounter some motorized traffic and other cyclists. If you have cycled in traffic before this is your tour!

Biking tour NDSM Graffiti and Pop-up art

Private Bike Ride

You decide on the duration

Duration: minimum 1 hour
Departure: on availability
Bike Level: all levels
Price: from €24

We determine where we are going based on your cycling skills. Worried about cycling in traffic? We can stay in the culture park without traffic or to city parts with fewer traffic.