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What makes Bill's Bike Tour unique?

Bill’s Bike Tour is unlike any other tours in Amsterdam. You found a once in lifetime experience! Bill’s Bike Tour is a breathtaking ride, exploring Dutch culture and Amsterdam history through the eyes of a local expert guide.

We will stay outside the crowded city center. Instead, you will explore Amsterdam biking through pretty parks, quiet quarters, neat neighborhoods, calm canals, and dazzling drawbridges.

We are not historians who spew years and historic events. Instead, we are expert story tellers who take you on a magical journey through Dutch history and Amsterdam culture. Two hours will fly by, as your local expert hero takes you on a magical journey through Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has so much more to offer than the historic city center. When you book Bill’s Bike Tour, we assume you have explored the city center on foot, or perhaps you did a boat tour.

We do not wish to repeat all the clichés how deep the canal are and how many bikes we fish out of the canals every year. Instead, we tell original stories, based on our own experience living in Amsterdam.

Bill’s Bike Tour is about having a good time with friends for a day, while learning about Amsterdam culture and Dutch identity in a fun and light way. Ride along Amsterdam’s hidden gems with the wind in your hair!

Hop on and join the ride!

Where are we biking?

Before setting off Bill’s City Bike Tour we will take 10 minutes to make sure everyone is comfortable on their bike and Bill will explain basic cycling rules. From then on it is nonstop fun, cruising on a typical Dutch bike!

Along the route we will make frequent stops and you will see a windmill, explore a beautiful park and even sample some delicious chocolate from Tony’s Chocolonely! Next, we will either explore an untouched canal district without the crazy tourist vibe of the city center or take a ferry over the River IJ and head to an abandoned shipping wharf. Bill loves this area full of street art, graffiti, and pop-up art from local artists.

Crossing back over the river IJ we’ll visit a neighborhood famous for its architectural style called The Amsterdam School, which inspired Gaudí. Finally, we will bike back into Westerpark where we will conclude Bill’s Bike Tour with a refreshing drink, make new friends and share stories!

*Depending on group size and pace we might skip some locations

Meeting point

Bill’s Morning Bike Tour starts at the bike rack alongside the canal, next to the terrace of cafe Pacific Parc. The address is Polonceaukade 23, 1014 DA Amsterdam.

If you don’t see Bill at the bike rack when you arrive, please wait patiently until the tour is scheduled to start. Bill will meet you there!

Is Bill’s Bike Tour safe? Biking in Amsterdam seems daunting…

Do you want to experience what it’s like to be Dutch, navigating your way through Amsterdam on a bike, all the while feeling relaxed and safe? This is your lucky day! You found Bill’s Bike Tour: a unique and safe bike tour, which takes place entirely outside the hectic city center. Bill has carefully selected a safe route through pretty parks, quiet precincts and beautiful back streets. On Bill’s 2 hour bike tour you will hardly interact with motorized traffic.

Who is my guide?

All of Bill’s Bike Tours come under the guided supervision of a local expert guide. Bill’s Bike Tour is a once in a lifetime experience that is fundamentally different from all other bike tours in Amsterdam! We will avoid crowded, touristy places that you likely already visited anyway. Most importantly, our guides are not typical tour guides or historians. Instead Bill is a storyteller, entertainer and your friend for a day. In the end, Bill cares about one thing only: that you are enjoying yourself and that you are having a good time!

Why should I book Bill's tour?

During Bill’s amazing 2 hour bike tour, you will see a side of Amsterdam you cannot find in the Lonely Planet or other travel guides. A side of Amsterdam big tour operators won’t cover, because they cannot turn it into a money machine. Bill is an avid traveler, so he knows what it is like to get stuck in tourist traps and feeling like a number.

Bill has created an authentic, unique, quintessential experience of Dutch culture and identity. Simply put, we will cycle to and explore places and communities where Amsterdam locals meet, eat, drink, create and socialize. All combined with a balanced mix of art, architecture, humor and socio-cultural and historical context. Not only will you learn what it is like to be Dutch, on Bill’s quintessential bike tour you will experience what it’s actually like to live as a local in Amsterdam!

Where can I find reviews of Bill's Bike Tour?

Bill has an average review score of 4.97 and 1000+ reviews. You can find reviews of Bill’s Bike Tour on TripAdvisor, Google and Airbnb Experiences:

Will I get tired? Two hours seems pretty long…

During Bill’s unique 2 hour bike tour, we will cover roughly 6 miles or 10 kilometers with plenty of stops and explanation from your expert friend and local hero Bill. That means the tour is slow paced and fit for all ages. Some prior biking experience is required. The minimum age is 8, unless you booked a private tour.

How about equipment?

Bike rental is included in Bill’s Bike Tour. Bill has bikes in all sizes, including kids bikes, toddler bikes, child seats (for private tours), tandems and of course adult bikes. In case you need small bikes, helmets, a tandem bike or anything out of the ordinary, please notify us immediately after booking.

Still have doubts?

No worries, Bill agrees the digital matrix can be a little overwhelming from time to time. Just shoot Bill a WhatsApp message at +31 647 002 878 and he will answer all your questions!

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