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When you’ve done a boat tour, checked out the Red-Light District, visited the Van Gogh Museum and maybe even smoked some marijuana, you start to wonder what else Amsterdam has to offer. You see plenty of tourists on rental bikes, but few seem to enjoy cycling and some even look downright scared.

Do you want to experience what it’s like to be Dutch, navigating your way through Amsterdam on a bike, all the while feeling relaxed and safe? This is your lucky day! You found Bill’s Bike Tour: a unique and safe bike tour, which takes place entirely outside the hectic city center. We have carefully selected a safe route through pretty parks, quiet precincts and beautiful back streets. On Bill’s 3 hour bike tour you will hardly interact with motorized traffic.

All of Bill’s Bike Tours come under the guided supervision of Bill himself. Bill’s Bike Tour is a once in a lifetime experience that is fundamentally different from all other bike tours in Amsterdam! We will avoid crowded, touristy places that you likely already visited anyway. Most importantly, Bill is not a typical tour guide or historian. Instead Bill is a storyteller, entertainer and your friend for a day. In the end, Bill cares about one thing only: that you are enjoying yourself and that you are having a good time!

During Bill’s amazing 2-3 hour bike tour, you will see a side of Amsterdam you cannot find in the Lonely Planet or other travel guides. A side of Amsterdam big tour operators won’t cover, because they cannot turn it into a money machine. Bill is an avid traveler, so he knows what it is like to get stuck in tourist traps and feeling like a number.

As it sucks to get stuck in a tourist trap, Bill has created exactly the opposite: an authentic, unique, quintessential experience of Dutch culture and identity. Simply put, we will cycle to and explore places and communities where Amsterdam locals meet, eat, drink, create and socialize. All combined with a balanced mix of art, architecture, humor and socio-cultural and historical context. Not only will you learn what it is like to be Dutch, on Bill’s quintessential bike tour you will experience what it’s actually like to live as a local in Amsterdam!

Founder of TNT Amsterdam, Pim Meeus, first set up Bill’s marvelous bike tour in the summer of 2018 on Airbnb Experiences, where Bill has a review score of 4.97 and 750+ reviews. On Airbnb, Bill’s Bike Tour is listed as Top Rated and Safest Bike Tour in Amsterdam (Https:// It is one of the top rated experiences on Airbnb in Amsterdam with many travelers describing it as the highlight of their stay in Amsterdam.

In 1 hour we will cover roughly 5 miles or 8 kilometers with a few stops and explanation. In 3 hours, we can cover roughly 10 miles or 15 kilometers with plenty of stops and explanation from your expert friend and local hero Bill. That means the tour is slow paced and fit for all ages. Some prior biking experience is required. The minimum age is 12, unless you booked a private tour or family tour. Our smallest bikes fit children aged 8 and above (for private tours).

Bike rental is included in Bill’s Bike Tour and we have bikes in all sizes. For additional equipment we cooperate with a bike shop close to the meeting point, called David Goliath Bikes. In case you have any special requests (e.g. electric bike, cargo bike, helmet, child seat etc.) they sell and rent out additional equipment. You can reach them on +31 202 335 118 or for any questions or reservations. Please notify us in advance if you intend to use additional equipment.

Bill would love to offer all tours for €16 per hour. Unfortunately, there are certain fixed costs for each tour, such as tourist tax and bike rental/maintenance. The price of Bill’s Bike Tour also depends on high vs. low season and weekdays vs. weekend. Included in all Bill’s prices are:

  • Tourist tax (€1.50)
  • Bike rental
    • 1 hour €7.50
    • 2 hours €10
    • 3 hours €12.50
  • 20% reseller commission
  • 21% VAT
  • 38% income tax

Bill receives between 5 and 7 euro per hour per booking. Bill is also the guy who wrote this text, who answers your phone calls and emails and who uploads the photos after the tour. If you like Bill and you had a great time on Bill’s Bike Tour, giving Bill a small tip will make his day!

Hop on now, before we’re sold out!

No worries, Bill agrees the digital matrix can be a little overwhelming from time to time. Just shoot Bill a WhatsApp message at +31 647 002 878 and he will answer all your questions!